What Are Allergies?

Allergies are a histamine response to a certain trigger. This response is part of your immune system designed to protect your body from illness, but in the case of allergies, the system is triggered accidentally and goes into overdrive. When this happens, the body can react in a range of unpleasant ways, and will not subside until some time after the trigger is removed or eliminated.

What Are the Different Types of Allergies?

The different types of allergies you may encounter can include: 

  • Respiratory – Such as seasonal allergies, hay fever, and cases caused by pollen, mold, dust, and pets.
  • Food – Such as milk, egg, or nut.
  • Skin – Such as bee stings, contact dermatitis, and poison ivy.
  • Other – Such as a drug allergy or eye allergy.

What Are the Symptoms?

Depending upon the individual and the length of exposure, an allergic reaction can present as anything from an itch, red rash, to a stuffy nose and itchy, watery eyes, all the way to one’s throat closing up and going into shock (anaphylaxis).

What Are the Causes?

Allergic reactions are caused by a genetic disposition, and there is no way to know who will have allergies to what triggers without testing. If you have an allergy, it will be caused by the trigger linked to that allergy.

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How Are Allergies Diagnosed?

Dr. Esslinger can do a scratch test, where you are exposed to very small, safe doses of allergens, and your reaction is noted.

What Allergy Remedies Are Available?

The best treatment for severe allergies, or any allergy, is to avoid the trigger. If you know something sets off your allergy, remove it from your environment. Dr. Esslinger can also recommend severe allergy treatment medications to help. For lesser cases, you should be able to find over-the-counter medications. If your allergy is so severe that it could send you into anaphylactic shock, Dr. Esslinger can provide you with an auto epinephrine injector (EpiPen®), which you should carry with you at all times.


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