Ready to age in reverse? Feeling young and renewed had just gotten easier thanks to our AnteAGE® MD Microneedling treatments. These treatments combine collagen-stimulating microneedling with AnteAGE® growth factors to give you the best skincare results possible. Sessions are minimally invasive and take little time. Best of all, little to no downtime is needed once you’re done! Schedule a consultation at our Cartersville, GA, office to learn more today.


What Is AnteAGE®?

AnteAGE® is an advanced line of skincare products that use human growth factors to enhance results. These growth factors are derived from bone marrow stem cells created under special conditions. AnteAGE® products contain cytokines and growth factors, which are proteins encapsulated in natural lipid envelopes to preserve them, keep them functional, and aid in transporting these rejuvenating agents.

What Do Treatments Involve?

Our AnteAGE® MD Microneedling treatments involve the use of stem cell growth factors administered through microneedling. Additionally, these sessions incorporate Celluma Red LED Light Therapy and include a home kit with oral supplements that you can administer yourself.

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AnteAGE® MD Microneedling Process 

Once your skin is sufficiently numb, we will use our microneedling device against your skin to kickstart collagen production. This process will infuse an AnteAGE® serum into the skin as well. Afterward, an LED light will be used to further stimulate your skin into action. The duration of your treatment will depend on the extent of your skin concerns.

What Are the Results?

In most cases, several visits may be necessary to get the full benefits of your treatments. We will discuss your unique treatment protocol here at our Cartersville office in greater depth during your initial consultation. Little to no downtime is needed after these treatments are done.

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