Struggling with thinning hair? Say hello to our Hair Rejuvenation package! Our proprietary hair restoration protocol uses stem cell growth factors microneedled into the scalp, along with a home regimen, the benefits of LED therapy, and a unique hair growth supplement, all proven to regrow hair! 


What’s Included:

Treatment Description

The cornerstone of our hair rejuvenation protocol is five Potenza™ microneedling treatments.  We use a special tip called the InFusion Tip, designed to more efficiently and effectively transfer the AnteAge MD growth factor solution into the scalp where it works to awaken and stimulate the dormant hair follicles. These treatments are combined with Celluma red light therapy, which has been shown to keep hair follicles actively growing. Lastly, our plant-based all natural hair vitamin supplements provide the nutritional and chemical stimulation needed to grow and maintain healthy hair. This protocol works for many different causes of hair loss, including male/female pattern baldness, hormone-related hair loss, alopecia, and COVID-related hair loss.

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