What is Body Metrics Testing?

Body metrics testing encompasses ideal body weight formula data that allow us to understand your entire body composition. This includes body fat percentage, bone density, water composition, and muscle mass. To calculate body fat metrics means to consider BMI. In general, BMI, or body mass index, the percentage of your body weight that is fat mass, should be around 18-24 percent for men and 25-31 percent for women. Normal bone mass should be 3-5 percent, while body water percentage should on average be between 45 and 65 percent and muscle mass, about 75- 89 percent for men under 40 and 63-75.5 percent for women under 40.


Why Is Body Metrics Testing Important?

Variations in these numbers can tell us a lot about your predisposition towards certain diseases. For example:

By knowing your body metrics, we can find the areas you need to focus on for optimal health.

Body Metrics Testing

How Does Body Metrics Testing Work?

We have a variety of tools we use to accurately record all your body metrics. These tools are non-invasive and not painful and can give us a complete picture of your body’s key metrics in a short amount of time.

What Are the Expected Results?

Knowing your specific body metric data allows us to accurately develop a health and wellness plan that fits your needs. This testing can tell us not only if you need to lose fat, but if you need to focus on building muscle, drinking water, or getting the necessary nutrients for good health. If you have been feeling poor without understanding why, or if your diet and exercise efforts don’t seem to be working for you in the way you would like them to, body metrics testing can be a great first step in turning things around.

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