What Is Chronic Disease Management?

A chronic disease is a disease that can affect a person through all or a large portion of their lifespan. While the symptoms of a chronic disease may ebb and flow, flaring up at certain times and disappearing or being barely noticeable at others, the disease may always be with you. Chronic disease management is focused on increasing the timespan where symptoms are dormant and helping you manage those times where they are active.


What Conditions Require Chronic Disease Management?

There is a wide range of ailments that fall under this category. Some of the most common conditions/concerns include:

How Does Managing Chronic Disease Work?

If you are showing symptoms of illness for more than a few weeks, there is a good chance that a chronic disease is the culprit. The only way to know for sure is to be fully examined by a doctor and to have your symptoms monitored over a period of time. A board-certified internist like Dr. Esslinger can examine you to determine whether a particular chronic disease is the likely cause of your symptoms and then monitor you regularly to confirm this diagnosis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, Dr. Esslinger can talk to you about a customized chronic disease management program.

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Why Choose Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics to Manage Chronic Disease?

Dr. Esslinger is familiar with the causes, symptoms, and treatments for a wide variety of chronic diseases and brings this knowledge in an integrated approach to your care. Through regular check-ups, testing, monitoring, and patient education, Dr. Esslinger can provide ways to mitigate your symptoms and improve your quality of life by helping you prevent or reduce the severity of your condition.

What Can I Expect From Chronic Disease Management With Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics?

At Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics, we are focused on comprehensive, long-term patient care. We prefer a smaller patient base so we can give each of our patients our full attention. If you have a chronic disease, you can be sure that Dr. Esslinger will become intimately familiar with your particular case and check in with you regularly to make sure you are feeling your best and following proper health guidelines for your condition.

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