What Are Diagnostic Tests?

Put simply, diagnostic testing refers to any test used to diagnose an illness or injury. There are over 100 diagnostics tests available, and which ones we use will depend on your symptoms and what we think are the most likely causes.


What Types of Diagnostics Tests Are There?

There are two approaches to testing diagnostics:

  • Non-Invasive
  • Invasive

Diagnostics that are considered non-invasive can include X-rays, MRIs, or other imaging procedures. Invasive diagnostic tests can include blood tests, colonoscopies, or biopsies. Tests that require breaking the skin or penetrating deeply into the body are considered invasive, while those that do not are non-invasive.

How Do Diagnostic Tests Work?

Dr. Esslinger will examine you and take your report of symptoms to decide which diagnostic tests are most likely to reveal the source of your symptoms. Non-invasive tests can often be performed on the spot, while invasive tests may need to be scheduled to give both you and the doctor time to prepare. If an invasive procedure is called for, you will be instructed on what to expect and how to prepare beforehand.

What Are the Advantages of Diagnostic Testing?

Understanding your injury or illness is the first step towards alleviating symptoms or producing a cure. Once we know the source of your symptoms, we know how to fight them. Furthermore, some serious diseases may remain hidden until they have progressed to a severe stage, and diagnostic testing may help uncover them so that you can begin treatment earlier.

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Does Diagnostic Testing Hurt?

Non-invasive diagnostic testing is not painful. Invasive diagnostic testing is usually either only mildly uncomfortable or performed under anesthesia.

What Is the Recovery Time?

For many diagnostic tests, you can resume normal activities almost immediately. Tests requiring anesthesia may necessitate a few hours of recovery time.

Why Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics for Diagnostic Testing?

Dr. Esslinger is board-certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and has over 25 years of experience in the field. He is an expert at interpreting diagnostic tests and developing optimal treatment plans for patient care. Our full-service on-site lab means you have the convenience of having your tests performed and analyzed at our office, rather than having to travel to a separate testing location.

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