TempSure® Firm Body Tightening and Cellulite Treatment

What Is TempSure® Firm Body Tightening and Cellulite Treatment?

TempSure® Firm is a device used for body contouring and cellulite reduction through the application of radiofrequency heat energy. This energy both kills fat cells and stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in tighter, firmer skin and a more contoured appearance wherever it is applied.


What Areas Does It Treat?

The custom handpieces allow us to apply this treatment to almost any problem area on the body, including:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Legs

How Does It Work?

The customized body handpieces allow us to deliver just the right amount of radiofrequency energy to the targeted area for the optimal amount of time to destroy excess fat cells in the target location and promote collagen production without harming surrounding tissue. The result is a tighter, more toned appearance, with a reduced appearance of cellulite or sagging skin in the targeted area.

What Are the Advantages of TempSure® Firm for Body Tightening and Cellulite?

We believe that this procedure is the best way to reduce the appearance of cellulite without surgery. Because no surgery is required, you can schedule a TempSure® Firm appointment as part of your typical day. It usually takes no more than 30-60 minutes depending upon the area being treated and there is no downtime.

Close-up on a woman's legs after TempSure® Firm treatments

Why Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics for TempSure® Firm Body Tightening and Cellulite Treatment?

As an internist certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine who has been treating residents of Georgia and helping them maintain their health for decades, Dr. Esslinger understands how important looking your best is to your overall well-being. With TempSure® Firm, Dr. Esslinger and our team can bring you a revolutionary, non-invasive way to help you achieve the elusive look you’ve been seeking.

Am I a Candidate for TempSure® Firm Body Tightening?

Although cellulite is more common in women, both men and women can have cellulite as well as sagging skin throughout the body. TempSure® Firm is suitable for men and women of all skin types.

Does TempSure® Firm Hurt?

This is not a painful procedure. All you will feel is heat at a controlled temperature for a precise amount of time, which should cause minimal discomfort.

What Is the Recovery Time for This Procedure?

You can drive yourself to and from your appointment and resume daily activities right away.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

You may see some immediate tightening in the target area, but expect results to steadily increase over the ensuing months as your collagen production increases and destroyed fat cells are flushed out of your system.

How to Schedule TempSure Firm® Skin Tightening Near Me in Georgia

We’re ready for you to enjoy the benefits of TempSure® Firm as soon as possible. To get started, just call 470-888-6543 or submit our online form to schedule your appointment.


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