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Body Metrics Testing

If you are trying to stay healthy and take care of your body, you’re probably already aware of how important maintaining a healthy weight is. But having an appropriate weight is just part of the story. In fact, our body composition can tell us a lot of very important things about our health. That’s why at Jeffrey Esslinger, MD, we offer body metrics testing to create a full picture of your body’s health needs.

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Chronic Disease Management

At Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics, we are extremely proud of our relationship with our patients. We believe in personalized adult care and approach each patient with the mission of maximizing their good health for the rest of their lives. Part of this commitment includes chronic disease management; the care and management of chronic diseases.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is a critical part of your overall care. At Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics, we are equipped to perform diagnostics tests at our full-service lab, on-site.

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General Internal Medicine

What type of doctor should you go to with common or chronic ailments? You may have had an internist, a specialist in general internal medicine, recommended to you. But what is general internal medicine, and is an internal medicine specialist the right type of doctor for you?

Doctor performing physicals


A physical exam is the most basic and one of the most common medical procedures, but too many of us put off our physical for too long. If you are due for a physical, Esslinger Medical and Aesthetics is ready to schedule one for you today.

Doctor providing preventative care

Preventative Care

Preventative care, also known as preventive medicine or preventive health care, is a vital part of maintaining and prolonging overall health. What is preventative care and why do you need it?

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A type of medical appointment that is gaining in popularity is telemedicine. How does it work, and do you need it?

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Vaccinations and Immunizations

Vaccinations are some of the most important weapons we have against the many viruses in the world that can seriously endanger our health. Some of humanity’s most potent and deadly diseases have been eliminated or all but eliminated by vaccines in the past. While most of the most important vaccines and immunizations today are administered to patients as children, there are some important adult vaccines to consider as well.

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Weight Loss

We are the safest and most thorough semaglutide-based weight loss center in northwest Georgia.

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